Docker In Your HomeLab - Getting Started

I know I was intimidated at first, another tool hit the market that that’s getting adoption like wildfire. There are an endless number of avenues to go down in IT, why should I consider this one? I found it was much simpler than I anticipated and the payoff was big. It took me a few days and paradigm changes to get to my final setup and configuration. Hopefully I can cut that timeline down and speed things up for you, to be able to get you on the best Docker solution path for your homelab environment by the time you’re done reading this.

Benefits Of Docker In The Homelab

“Why would I do this anyway? Everything runs fine now the way it is.” The benefits to using Docker over traditional server administration methods are plentiful, most of which I didn’t realize until I had Docker setup wrong. However, once right, I have only reaped the fruits of my labors.

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Hello World

Hello and welcome to Rob Wolff’s personal site. This is the first post serving as a hello world test. In the future soon you will be able to read about the various passions and projects I am working on in my life. In the meantime, below this post, you can see how it all came together.

How I made this site

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